Pretty things

A kitten’s blue eyes
Sunlight on a Siamese kitten’s fur

Raindrops on fallen leaves
Frosted cobwebs

A carpet of leaves

all about flowers

Today’s been wonderful.
Waking an hour before everyone else.
1 Corinthians, Psalms, Proverbs…French and English.
Working out (it makes you ready for the day!).
Accomplishing a full day of schoolwork…already a week and half into my last year.
Baking carrot-apple muffins and a peach-blackberry cobbler (that I can eat!).
Playing my harp for half an hour just for fun, and thinking about all the challenging pieces I want to add to my repertoire.
Reading an article online, and knowing what a priori meant after starting physics only a week ago.
Having time to cross-stitch, because I was so productive yesterday!
Limiting time on Facebook, due to a challenge with my brother (it’s actually more fun to try not wasting time on Facebook!)
After supper I went outside to prune back my rosebushes. One of them reached nearly seven feet tall while I was gone for the summer, but I wanted to wait for it to bloom before cutting it back. I just love roses! Part of me wants to plant them everywhere, but I still want to learn how to grow other flowers. 🙂

Our hydrangea bush has produced so many gorgeous blooms this year. One day while I was waiting to take pictures of Caleb and Natalie taking care of the beehive, I decided to count the hydrangea blossoms. One of our two bushes had 130-150 hydrangeas on it! God certainly gave that plant special blessing this year! 🙂

My bedstand…tonight I’ll be listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, reading somewhere between page 200 and 300 of Les Miserables, dreaming about flowers and harps….


We got snow the first time this entire year!!! I was probably more excited than my snow-veteran niece would be. 🙂

My boyfriend, Mr. Snow. A few years ago I had one named Spike, but Spike didn’t stick around too long. I’m afraid Mr. Snow might do the same thing. *sob*

Caleb’s creation
I feel very productive on snow days. This morning I read my Bible, worked out, killed a spider with my Mary Kay moisturizer bottle, made bread (one loaf, a dozen buns), tried Grace King’s bagel recipe, baked a honey-oatmeal blueberry crisp that I can actually eat, and of course threw a few snowballs and made Mr. Snow. Now I should do such necessary things as make my bed (playing in the snow is much more important), clean the kitchen, and knock out some Spanish and chemistry. But since it never, ever snows in our town–except, of course, on days like today–I think I’ll forgive myself for taking one morning to just simply enjoy myself.  
I love snow.

Spring in Winter

Sun glistening as glass,

On freshly cut, green grass;

All is silent, except the trees,

With their gently rustling leaves.

Of rain the air sweetly smells,

Of spring it softly tells.

The sky is clear today,

But tomorrow rain it may.

Tulips are in full bloom,

Bleeding hearts quietly bear their gloom.

Listen to the songbirds’ call,

They tell of the One Who made them all.

Spring in winter may seem sublime,

But its Creator’s glory far outshines

Any thing down here He has shown.

We’ll understand it when we get Home.

~a poem written by me several years ago

God’s love through flowers

The daisies this time of year are so beautiful, and there is such an abundance of them! Each of them are a different size, or have a different number of petals (girls of course know that-“he loves me, he loves me not” usually doesn’t end up the same too many times.) We often take their beauty forgranted, just because they are common.

Roses are among some of my favorite flowers. All the colors have their own specific meanings- the red means love, the white stands for purity, etc. Gretchen had yellow roses at her wedding, one reason being that they were our great-grandma’s favorite flower.

Mom loves hydrangeas, probably because her favorite color is blue. In that family there are also many different colors: pinks, purples, and blues.

The variety God gives us in just flowers reminds us of His neverending love. He thinks of not only our comfort, but also our enjoyment. What a wonderful Savior He is!

Glimpses of Spring Amidst the Hail and Snow

After having eighty-five degree weather two weeks ago, we figured warm weather was here to stay. But only a few days later rain came again. Then on Saturday and Sunday we had hail and snow. A litter of kittens (will post on that later!) was born during one of the hail storms. Our poor lamb, Barbara, and her mother had to huddle close to keep warm. The beautiful tulips were beaten down by the weight of the hailstones. Quite the odd weather for April!


Spring officially started on March 20, since it was the vernal equinox (the day in spring where day and night are equal). But today in Oregon it’s been a combination of all the seasons. With rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sunshine we’ve had all the forms of precipitation at forty degrees. God must give us such variety so we don’t have any excuse to complain about boring weather. Spring is my favorite season, I think, just because the flowers, rain, and sun all get to show off their unique beauty given them by the Creator.