What’s on my bed-stand today

The advantage of a large bedstand: keeping all reading, watching, and listening materials in one place. In the room I’m currently staying in, I have one. And it’s quite a convenient arrangement. I decided to share with you some pictures of my current collection, just to prove what eclectic interests I have.

Reading: Facing the Giants and Laddie. I love Eric Wilson’s novel version of Facing the GiantsThat’s always been one of my favorite movies, and he weaves extra details and fun stories into the chapters. And I’m loving Laddie…it’s such a sweet story, and my first experience with Gene Stratton Porter.

Watching: Nanny McPhee Returns and Indiana Jones. Yes, I like many different movie genres. 🙂 I’m not a big fan of Nanny McPhee. For one thing, Mary Poppins will forever and always be the best nanny movie–no question. The second Nanny McPhee movie is definitely better than the first; I think it has fewer rude comments and a cleaner presentation. But I still wouldn’t recommend it for kid-viewing, although probably kids were the intended audience. One scene with Nanny McPhee flying on a motorcycle is totally awesome… 🙂

I watched Indiana Jones due to the prompting of a certain younger brother of mine. Wow, what a classic. It’s pretty action-packed and violent, but if you enjoy that sort of movie, you’ll have to watch it. 🙂 Although it’s rated PG, I would call it PG-13, but that’s because I’m quite picky about violence and profanity. Harrison Ford is an amazing actor; his character and bravery are so manly and inspiring. And the soundtrack…well, go have a listen. It’s incredibly awesome.

Listening: Scotty McCreery’s Clear As Day CD. Mom gave this to me for my birthday, and it’s the first country CD I officially own! I love his songs. Some of them make me tear up every time I hear them. I may or may not have them mostly memorized…even though song lyric memorization doesn’t come naturally for me! 🙂

I could have included the picture of my three Bibles that I’m currently reading. But I liked the looks of a three picture collage better than a four-picture one. 🙂 Yes, I am reading all three Bibles. One is English, one is Spanish, one is French. This year I’m reading through the Old Testament in French, and Psalms and Proverbs in Spanish. The MacArthur Daily Bible keeps me on track, although I’m slightly behind. French words must be longer than English words.

So, there’s a look at the media I’ve been consuming. (I never think of classifying books as media, but I guess they probably are.) Amazing how a bed-stand can describe the daily life of a person’s imagination!


October…with a bit of November too

Okay, so here I am again. Finally. And the reason I’m writing a blog post instead of conquering that geometry waiting to be done? I woke up sick this morning…for the second time in a month. And I’ve even be faithful taking my vitamins. Oh well, at least this gives me an excuse to show you some pictures from this last month! 🙂

Right now I’m listening to Bing Crosby’s Christmas songs on Pandora. I am so ready for Christmas to get here! “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” Oh yeah–blog post, Jess.

Caleb playing his harmonica. Don’t look too close, because it would spoil the beauty of the picture if you knew that he’s actually attempting to play it through his nose like a certain Big Bro of his.

A big event happened in my life….I got my ears pierced!!! I am very excited. But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of oneself trying to show both earrings and a new haircut? It’s basically impossible. So you can kind of see one earring, and just trust me that I also did get four inches of hair cut off.
I played in a harp ensemble with ten harps on October 25th. It was fun playing under all those bright lights. I’m in the middle back (not the one in the tux).

Our Awana had a harvest party on Halloween night. I offered to make cookies, and they turned out really cute. Ninety cookies, frosted and sprinkled, takes a bit of time, though!

Goldie and our kittens are quite the buddies. Mr. Knightley, the striped one, cuddles with her for hours at a time.

Caleb got a huge buck at Grandpa’s. It has a forked horn on one side, and three points on the other.
We’re also busy getting ready for that Certain Event in December. I was excited to get my bridesmaid shoes…they’re really cute Mary Jane style. As you can see, the flower-girl dress options have taken up a good amount of closet space! 🙂

And I did promise to show pics from our last visit to Washington. Well, instead of making you scroll down the page any longer, I’ll just show you my favorite. 🙂 Aren’t my nieces just the cutest?

This picture from Gretchen shows Mary Kate’s adorable smile. How on earth are we going to wait a whole month to see them? Well, I guess it’ll go pretty fast. Listening to all these Christmas songs makes December seem closer still!

What we’ve been doing these last few weeks… or months, rather!

This poor blog has been sadly neglected. I must blame it all on school and busyness. But now I am mostly finished with school, so I have more time for such things as blogs! 🙂 Since we have so many different pictures from the last two months, I’ll do a couple different posts with old pictures. Just pretend they’re recent, okay?

A bouquet of flowers picked by Dad and Caleb

Emily and I played duets for the piano festival this year. We played “All American Hometown Band” and “C. S. Theme and Variations.” When we played at a nursing home, we messed up in the very beginning. We started laughing, and I was actually shaking from laughter. Thankfully we made it through, and everyone laughed with us. When we played for adjudication it was our best ever performance–we didn’t laugh a bit!

This was my first year going to the four-day class at TeenPact. There were ninety students, so I wasn’t able to argue my bill. But it was really fun, and I can hardly wait until next year!

Caleb got to present his bill at TeenPact. He argued that people should be able to hunt cougars with dogs in our state. The bill passed, too!

Our church AWANA program–Caleb was in T & T

Our Cubbies–we had about 16 Cubbies every week, and there were just four of us leaders! All of the kids were so cute and fun to teach. Awww…I miss them so much.
Mothers’ Day

Awww…isn’t that just too cute?

The culprit of all that time I spent learning factoring, graphing, the Pythagorean formula…when I should have been blogging, of course! 🙂 But now Mr. Algebra 1 is conquered–on to geometry next year!

Oh, I figured out how to put a video on here! So here is our Chopsticks duet. Sorry it’s sideways, but you can get the general idea. It definitely wasn’t our best performance, because halfway through Dad’s reading glasses that were sitting on the piano fell down. Notice Mom’s hand that comes to the rescue of the naughty reading glasses. 🙂 Enjoy!


An official wedding harpist

Well, here I am, finally! We’ve had quite a lot going on these last few weeks…and I have pictures to prove it! On the 2nd, I got to play for a wedding for the first time. It was a great experience, and the mistakes weren’t too noticeable, I think. 🙂 Here are some pictures from that, and look for pictures from our WA trip soon!

Aren’t the cake and decorations beautiful?

For His Glory

My sweet harp teacher, Mrs. A., shared a lesson with me that she had learned from a friend who was a famous singer. When Mrs. A. asked what she did with all the compliments she recieved, the singer answered, “I give them all back to God.”

Too often people who receive praise take all the glory for themselves. The result is that they become arrogant and proud. But the praise truly belongs to God. Without Him we would be nothing. He is the One who gives us any talent whatsoever. When we are complimented on anything, whether it be ablitity in music, writing, or athletics, we must immediately give the compliment to our Savior, who deserves all the glory.

The aim and final reason of all music should be nothing else but the Glory of God and the refreshment of the Spirit.

~J. S. Bach

Musical Afternoon

Yesterday some friends of ours came over for the afternoon. Emily and I had to practice two piano duets we’re playing for several upcoming recitals.

Our first song is an arrangement by Philip Keveren of As the Deer. It is a quiet piece, with several pleasant key changes. Our second duet is appropriately named Spanish Tornado. With a steady beat in the bass, it sounds scary but exciting.

We played two trios with her aunt. What a challenge it is to get six hands to play together! I had never played a trio before, so this was quite a fun experience for me.

It was so wonderful to talk with them. How refreshing it is to fellowship with other believers!

A Harpist’s Prayer

Tune Thou my harp;
There is not, could never be
The skill in me.

Tune Thou my harp,
That it may play Thy melody,
Thy harmony.

Tune Thou my harp;
O Spirit, breathe Thy thought through me,
As pleaseth Thee.

-Amy Carmichael