The return of the college student (namely, me)

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It’s strange how quickly a school year can pass. While papers and reading assignments can seem to stretch on forever, after they’re finished, they never seem as difficult as I originally thought.

I’d click on my blog every once in awhile this past year, thinking how I really should write something. But when a ten-page paper lies waiting to be edited, it’s hard to justify spending yet more time writing.

Often, my brain was so exhausted after finishing my homework that all I could do was let my eyes glaze over as I skimmed Facebook posts and read emails from family. My roommates and I often laughed over how we couldn’t even express coherent thoughts to each other during particularly stressful weeks.

And the homework never ended. Even if I was a week ahead on all my reading (which was a rare occurrence!), I still could be more ahead and getting more accomplished. So certain things—like writing blog posts—had to be put aside for the semester.

But now the semester’s ended and—gasp!—I actually miss writing. The fact that this break is longer than three weeks still hasn’t sunk in.

These last few weeks have been perfectly carefree and enjoyable. I’m already on my fourth book since coming home, and I’ve watched more Netflix than is good for me. Although trying to recover from a brand new cold on top of my lingering cough leftover from school helps excuse the Netflix away. Smile  I’m also loving spending time in the gorgeous sunshine weeding flowerbeds and mowing lawns. It’s pretty near Heaven for a tired college student.

Summarizing a whole year of school is impossible. But I’ll try to give you little glimpses into my typical schedule as a freshman.

Since I had experience taking college classes and juggling a variety of responsibilities in high school, entering college wasn’t as difficult a transition for me as it often is for other freshmen. Yes, going to a school with notably rigorous academics is extremely challenging, but with God, good time management, and plenty of sleep, I was able to get into a fairly successful routine. I quickly discovered that any studying past 9:00 at night was virtually useless, so I learned to arrange my schedule to get most necessary studying done earlier in the day.

I’ve learned that sometimes I have to just stop working on assignments and turn them in, even if I know I could do just a little bit better.

I’ve learned that I’m not superwoman. I can’t do all my assignments, go to every single social function, and keep healthy at the same time (as the aforementioned cough at the end of the spring semester taught me!).

IMG_2787 edited

I’ve learned that being an introvert on a college campus means that you have to take advantage of the few rare moments you get to yourself. It’s easy to become burnt out when you live on a campus where you know basically everyone and live in a room with three other (very wonderful and amazing) people. All the deep, meaningful relationships you build are incredible blessings, but you have to work harder to cultivate your relationship with God and find recharging time.

I’ve learned that a campus full of people who are chasing after God is beautiful and inspiring. I wouldn’t change schools for the world. It’s truly one of a kind. Yes, we can be quirky. Yes, we get into more debates than we should. But we also spend time each day either with the entire student body or with our individual wings praising and seeking God.

Even though I love my school and my classmates, I am so thankful to be home. My body has been crying out for rest and an escape from the stress of constant homework. I am soaking in the quiet of home like a cat soaking in the sunshine. (Or some other metaphor like that.)


Blessings from my freshman year:

–learning history in ways I’d never learned before

–laying out in the soccer field under the stars and singing worship songs with my roommates

–watching either superhero or Jane Austen movies with my wing (we have well-rounded movie tastes)

–going to my first dance (yes, it was really my first)

–waking up early in the morning to sing in chorale

–playing the piano for chapel

–meaningful dining hall conversations

–prolonged laughing/giggling fits with my roommates


I am excited to be a quarter of the way through with college. But I know if the next three years go by as quickly as this first one, I’ll be graduating before I know it. So I’m going to try to enjoy each moment of these next three years, whether it’s summer break or finals week. Because this season of my life will last for only four years, and I can never come back.

Happy June, everyone! And I do plan on writing a bit more frequently these next few months. I’m grateful to have an audience that doesn’t give my writing a letter grade. Winking smile

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  1. Christine
    Jun 03, 2014 @ 18:08:41

    I can relate to so much of this 🙂 It is very true that it flies by! I will be a senior in the fall, and I cannot believe how fast these three years went. Good for you for determining to enjoy it while you can 🙂


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