A Walk to Remember


I thought I’d share with you some pictures from our daily walk between the orphanages. We walk about a mile downhill each morning, on some pretty rough roads (although a few hundred feet got paved the last week!). Going downhill is pretty easy, although one day I slipped on a particularly rough part of it.


Going downhill is pretty easy, although one day I slipped on a particularly rough part of it. As I picked myself back up, I was saying, “I’m okay!”One of the Haitian guys walking by said, “No, you’re not okay! You fell!” Definitely one of my most embarrassing moments.






People ride 3-4 persons per motorcycle around here, including little kids. It’s so funny the things that would be horrible in the U.S. are completely normal here.


One of the churches we walked past. Abbie and I attended a different church a few Sundays ago, and it was such an amazing experience. Even though we couldn’t understand a word of it, the people helped us find the right songs in the hymnbooks. It’s so cool to see how passionate they are about Jesus.


We’re in the richest part of Haiti, but there’s still trash everywhere.


I’ll always remember our morning walks to the orphanage.

I’ll remember the quiet “bonjous” people say as we pass them in the road.


I’ll remember the guy who asked “Can I give you a ride home with me?” as he drove by on his motorcycle (we ignored him).

I’ll remember the smell of the garbage and the feel of the rocks through my shoes.


I’ll remember the girl who came running after me, asking me to take her picture.

I’ll remember the cars that only give you a few feet of room even if the rest of the road is empty.


I’ll remember the walks home in the afternoons, when kids try their English and sing out “good morning!” and we don’t have the heart to correct them.


Most of all, I’ll always remember how peaceful and happy I feel on our walks through the streets of Haiti. Maybe it’s because the Haitian people exude peace and happiness, even amidst their poverty.

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