my babies

IMG_0937Each of us volunteers gets assigned eight babies at the main house. We take them out individually to the balcony for an hour at a time. I love my kids so much. I can’t share their names with you, so I’ve given them names that fit their personalities. 🙂

This is Dolly. She used to live in another orphanage that was shut down because of horrible sanitation practices. She is so sweet and has such a gentle spirit. She loves getting her fingernails painted!


IMG_0581This is Spunky. She is energetic, loving, and altogether precious.

????????Spunky and I during the kids’ monthly birthday party.

IMG_0606This is Smiley. He has me completely wrapped around his little finger. He was severely malnourished, and is still working on sitting up, even though he’s almost a year old. He is the happiest baby imaginable. His smile completely melts my heart.

IMG_0615This is Bella. She is my youngest at six months old. She makes the cutest cooing sounds and is utterly adorable.

IMG_0925The nannies let Bella’s hair go wild for a few days. So hilarious!

IMG_0914This is Mr. Cuddles. He loves to sit on my lap and read books. He’s about three, but he doesn’t talk very much yet. He is very loving and helpful!

IMG_0978Oh yes, and Mr. Cuddles has amazing eyelashes as well.

IMG_0598This is Sweetheart. She has such a sweet voice and is completely precious. I need to get a better picture of her!

IMG_0992This is Princess in an outfit her adoptive mommy sent her. She has quite the personality! She is both opinionated and adorable.

IMG_0620Last but not least, this is my precious Buddy. He is my oldest, and speaks a lot of Creole. He is mischievous, sweet, and downright irresistible. Even though a lot of the kids call us “Mama,” he calls me “Mama” more than anyone else. Every time I go into the toddler room, he lifts up his arms and yells “Mama, Mama!”

IMG_0886Yes, Buddy occasionally wears a polka dot hat with his Spiderman shirt. Why not? 🙂

I love all my kids so much. They have taught me so much over the past few weeks, and I love seeing how they bond with me.

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