That month called April

If you saw or talked with me during April, you probably thought one of two things. 1: I am a superwoman hopeful (aka over-achiever). 2: I am crazy.

Both are partially true. I think I am a superwoman when I plan my schedule, while other people tell me I’m crazy. When I’m actually living out my schedule, I realize that I am nowhere near a superwoman, and that perhaps I am crazy. But with a daily (or dozen times daily) dose of Phillipians 4:13, combined with a “not everything has to be perfect” attitude, I managed to survive the last month.

Don’t think I have it all together. Detailing out my schedule might sound halfway impressive, but it’s not at all. I love being busy, but a full schedule doesn’t always mean productivity. Feel free to proceed to satisfy your curiosity. Smile 


On April Fools Day, I organized my first recital as a teacher. All seven of my wonderful students played beautifully. Row, Row Your Boat sounded just as beautiful to me as Tchaikovsky’s Russian Dance—both were practiced with perseverance and performed with feeling. I also discovered that planning a recital is quite simple. (Besides making the program in Microsoft Word, if one is not very computer savvy. Ahem.) Those cookies were the dessert afterwards—I am embarrassed to say that I had to look at my own music to remind myself how to make a treble clef.


Our family then attended my sister’s sister-in-law Marlys’ beautiful wedding. Daniel and I were nursery buddies, but we still got to see the sweet ceremony. The reception afterward included the newlywed game with the couple and both sets of parents, which was incredibly entertaining.

American Legion Nationals portrait

A few days after returning home, Mom and I flew across the country for a nationals speech contest. (God blessed me so much by allowing me to win state.) That weekend was filled with wonderful memories. Six of us competed in each round of the quarterfinals. I didn’t advance, but we were so excited to send another homeschooler on to win semifinals and place third in the nation. I made so many wonderful friends, and I’m excited that three of them are planning on attending the same college I am! I also met rather interesting people on the plane rides, including a Catholic gentleman in his seventies who described his dating life to me, and a college kid who drank vodka to calm his fear of flying. Smile

The next week was adjudication. (For anyone who doesn’t know, adjudication is an event where students prepare and memorize two songs to play before a judge.) As a teacher, I worked one morning as the greeter/adjudicator-introducer person. The next day I performed my pieces (Wedding Day at Troldhaugen and Gershwin’s Prelude 1), and thankfully it went well.

That weekend—still following?—I played harp for an intermission at a concert for veterans. The main singer, Rockie Lynne, was so gracious and encouraging to me. Not too many harpists can say their harp shared the stage with a country music group! Smile 

The last week of April, Caleb and I attended TeenPact. I love TeenPact, although I hadn’t been able to go the two previous years. God encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, and I had so much fun. On the last day I was asked to help staff the one-day class, which was such a blessing. All the staffers were such amazing people, and I felt honored to help them on their last day.

The next day a friend and I competed in the Lucille Pulliam Harp Scholarship competition. I was blessed to place first, and I’m quite happy to be done practicing those songs, beautiful as they are!

Cake Decorating

Earlier in the week I had decorated this cake for a baby shower that Sunday. Following a picture on Pinterest, I was slightly nervous about fabricating my first double layer cake. But it turned out pretty cute.

During the baby shower I started to come down with a bad sore throat. Of course, it was probably the result of all the stress of the last month. I am always amazed by God’s perfect timing—on the last day of the busiest month of the year, I got sick, not a day before, not a day later. Could that be more perfect?

I am so thankful for all the places I went, people I met this last month. God was my strength, and He gave me so many wonderful memories to look back on. Perhaps next year I’ll try to keep April’s calendar slightly less full. Maybe I’ll run my schedule by my blog readers in advance.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gretchen
    May 19, 2012 @ 23:34:00

    Sis, you are amazing. Totally and completely amazing.You are also as near superwoman as I have had the privilege of meeting. And just a bit crazy. ;)Make sure you run next April's calendar by me, if not your entire blog readership. ;)I love you. Proud to call you my sis. HUGS


  2. Samantha R.
    May 21, 2012 @ 20:58:33

    You are amazing! Your parents must be so proud of you! Speech, music, cake decorating and so much more; I'd say you are quite talented. 🙂


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