Another Jessie a long time ago..

I was named after my grandma Jessica. As she was growing up, she never knew anyone else with her name. Of course, today I experience just the opposite situation, since Jessica was in the top three female names for girls for most of the ’80s and ’90s. But my grandma was named for someone special in her family: her Grandma Jessie.
On Great-great Grandma Jessie’s tenth birthday in 1879, her father gave her this beautiful turquoise locket. In the 1940s, Grandma Jessie gave it to my Grandma Jessica. And now I have the privilege of wearing it too. On the other side of the locket is a faded picture of Grandma Jessie’s daddy, a handsome young man.
As we scanned my grandma’s old pictures, it was incredible to realize that I am actually related to the people in these pictures! We have the marriage certificate of this lady up here from the 1860s (I can’t remember exactly, but she might have been Grandma Jessie’s mother.).

This was Grandma Jessie’s brother, who was killed in his twenties by two men he caught poaching on the family property.

Can you imagine going for a wade in the creek in long dresses like these?
I wish people still kept autograph books. Grandma Jessie’s has many pages filled with friends’ messages. This one, dated September 11, 1886, was written by a boy. I’m amazed by his elegant handwriting.
I love the styles of these beautiful ladies! Grandma Jessie is on the front left. Looking back at all these old pictures makes me wish for the time machine’s invention. If only I could spend a few days dressed in furs and riding in carriages. I’m so thankful we have all these precious photos to give us a peek into the centuries gone by.

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  1. Samantha R.
    Oct 23, 2011 @ 15:53:10

    How special to be named after your grandmother and also to know that she was named after her grandmother! and now to have her locket… that is priceless. :)Precious photos and precious memories there. I'm sorry to hear that Grandma Jessie's brother met such a tragic fate.


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