Monday Night Movie: In the Good Old Summertime

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In the Good Old Summertime is one of those wonderfully sweet, hilariously funny love stories that is worth watching more than once. I had seen it years ago, but the movie moved with my sister when she got married. When I watched it again last year, I was surprised to see all the things I’d forgotten, including the “99 harps” story (making this a must-see for every harpist!).

A ’50s version of Shop Around the Corner, Andrew Larkin (Van Johnson) and Veronica Fisher (Judy Garland) write letters to each other, anonymously. Eventually they both fall in love with their mysterious “Dear Friend”, little realizing that they already know each other in real life. Both work in a music shop, but they are far from in love…they hardly get along at all! When the letter-writers decide to meet, Andrew realizes that the girl he loves from the letters is the same co-worker he fights with at work. Were they meant for each other after all?

The songs in the movie are so fun and happy. Buster Keaton makes an appearance as a fellow music salesman, and adds his own unique humor. (Watch for the scene involving him and a violin–he came up with the idea for the stunt, and being the only one able to pull it off, they cast him in the role!) If you aren’t convinced yet, watch the original trailer.

A few good quotes to whet your appetite:

Andrew: [of his sister’s children] One of them’s named for me.
Veronica: Which one?
Andrew: [
slightly confused] Andrew. 

Andrew: I might as well tell you, he came to see me the other day.
Veronica: Who?
Andrew: Your fiance. I had a pretty tough time with him too. You know he just didn’t believe you when you wrote and told him I meant nothing to you.
Veronica: I just can’t wrap my head around this. He came to see you?
Andrew: See me, yeah. Oh, but don’t worry, I straightened everything out. In a little while, you’ll be Mrs. Nusspickle.
Veronica: Nusspickle!
Andrew: Well, yes, that’s his name isn’t it? I mean that’s what he told me. 

Veronica: Did you find him attractive?
Andrew: Yes, I thought so. But don’t you go changing him. Don’t put him on any diets. 

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