Deadline, Dominion, Deception

A liberal, atheistic, Vietnam-vet journalist.
A conservative, Christian, black journalist.
A conservative, non-Christian, Vietnam-vet homicide detective.

Three different books, about three different men with three very different lifestyles. Yet Randy Alcorn brings these characters together in an exciting mystery trilogy. He explores difficult topics such as abortion and racism while keeping you on the edge of your seat with thrilling action.

Deadline is the story of Jake Woods, a journalist living in Portland, Oregon. Jake has prided himself with communicating his liberal views to the public through his newspaper column. However, a car accident involving him and his two best friends dramatically changes his life. A shocking discovery reveals that the accident was intentionally planned to kill one of the three men.

The main theme of the book is abortion. Jake and his two friends, “Doc” and Finney, are all familiar with it. Doc is a liberal doctor who not only believes in abortion, but has performed numerous abortions himself. Finney is the father of a Down’s syndrome child, and he and his wife are outspoken pro-life advocates. Jake, who has always been pro-choice, is challenged in his beliefs when his own daughter becomes pregnant.

Due to mature themes regarding abortion and birth-control, I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone younger than myself. Although unfortunately many kids are bombarded with these issues at a very young age, so the age would vary with maturity level.

Dominion–what would a fifteen-year-old girl have in common with a black forty-year-old journalist? Probably not much. That is what makes this book so powerful–seeing life through the eyes of someone so different from yourself.

Clarence Abernathy is a conservative columnist at a liberal Portland newspaper. When his sister and niece are murdered in their home, Clarence begins a journey where he must deal with conflicting emotions regarding racism and his response as a Christian. Gang warfare is prevalent in the neighborhood, and becomes linked to Clarence’s life by the mystery surrounding his sister’s murder.

This book changed the way in which I viewed racism. I’ve never thought about it much, because I haven’t had to deal with it personally. Learning about people of minority races in America made me realize that racism didn’t die in the 60s. It’s still around in subtle but destructive ways. Dominion demonstrates that the only solution is Christ, who made, died for, and loves every man and woman, regardless of race.

Deception tells the story of homicide detective Ollie Chandler. This is probably my favorite one of the series, and I actually read it first, over a year ago (don’t tell anyone!). Dictated from the first person, the book is very well-written; I think Randy Alcorn’s style became more succinct, thus adding impact to the story.

Ollie is a rotund and comical character, but a very smart detective. When he’s called for his next homicide, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Little did he know what a mentally and spiritually challenging mystery would result. Quoting Deception‘s back cover: “…all the evidence is pointing to one, horrific conclusion: the murderer is someone in his own department. That’s not the worst of it, though. Ollie has nagging doubts…about himself. Where was he during the time of the murder?” Don’t you get chills reading that last sentence?!

Deadline, Dominion, and Deception are amazing books. Randy Alcorn is such a talented author, weaving mystery and every-day life experiences together while dealing with both moral and spiritual issues. These books not only entertain with complicated mysteries, but also inspire readers to put their trust in the world’s only hope: Jesus Christ.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gretchen
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 03:49:09

    Love these books. Love you. And I think Randy Alcorn should keep writing detective novels that start with "D". 🙂


  2. Samantha R.
    Apr 07, 2011 @ 04:27:29

    I can't wait to read Deception and DominionI put the same guideline/maturity warning on my review on Deadline too


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