Croptoberfest and Pumpkin Creme Cookies

Mom’s Creative Memories Croptoberfest was last weekend, and I loved the opportunity to try out some delicious recipes!  Unfortunately I didn’t remember to take pictures that day, but I did take some of the desserts the day before.  In the morning we served pumpkin scones–don’t ask me for the recipe, it was a combination of at least three!  Lunch was chicken chili and clam chowder with green salad and sparkling grape juice.  Both soups turned out great, and I think the clam chowder is better than most I’ve had in restaurants.  We bought big cans of clams from Costco and used Gretchen’s favorite Betty Crocker recipe.  Afternoon desserts were chocolate maple bars and pumpkin creme cookies–both are absolutely amazing.
The chocolate maple bars–you must try the recipe!  We used real maple syrup, but I think you could probably get away with using the fake mapeline stuff, which is a lot cheaper.
The finished product, with lovely Saran Wrap behind for ambiance’s sake
I had to fry bacon for the clam chowder, and I was very proud that I didn’t burn a single piece!!!  I might actually be able to become a certified cook one of these years.
The pumpkin creme cookies, from Pioneer Woman.  It is absolutely necessary that you make these cookies this month.  This week if at all possible.  Here’s the recipe to get you started.
The recipe calls for cooking the cookies on squares of parchment paper.  I laboriously cut out two dozen of these squares before remembering the miraculous Silpat.  They slid off the pan easily, but if you don’t have a Silpat, parchment paper would be a must.

Then you make the cream-cheese filling that is fabulous.  Even people that don’t like frosting love this! 
You spread the filling carefully, and choose similarly-shaped cookies to sandwich together.
Et voila–the finished product!  Now it’s time for you to grab your pumpkin and maple syrup and cream cheese and Silpat and clam chowder and get into the Thanksgiving mode!

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