Harpists here, harps there, harps and harpists everywhere!

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I was able to attend the American Harp Society Conference in Tacoma. Harpists from all over the country were there. We listened to many concerts by famous harpists, including Catherine Michel from France. I loved going to her workshop and being able to understand the French phrases she used.

Other concerts included harp and choir, harp and orchestra, and Latin American harp. The last was probably my favorite. A father and son duo from Paraguay performed some amazingly fast pieces on their Paraguayan harps. The Latin American technique is so different from ours, but somehow they can still make a beautiful sound. Later we found out that the son wraps tape around three of his fingers because he lost the tips of them in an accident. We were impressed that he continued to persevere and play the harp even after such a setback.

I really enjoyed my time in Tacoma, not only hearing the harpists, but also seeing the beautiful sights. As my harp teacher said, we got a full summer harp course in one weekend!

I loved the sinks in the hotel–I want some like that in my house! 🙂

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge– I was so excited to drive over it after learning about the earlier bridge in physical science. You should read about it!

The Tacoma Glass Museum

A little girl on the trolley

The view from our hotel window on the 22nd floor

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  1. Gretchen
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 19:03:38

    Jess, your photography skills only increase… Loved the photos. And the details.


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