My long absence from this blog can be explained by one word: procrastination. Although I do not claim the title of “Procrastinator”, I’m afraid it’s trying to claim me. Especially concerning blog posts. I’ve had a post written in my head since the day two–or was it three?– weeks ago when I got my hair cut. Of course it would be necessary to take a picture of my haircut. And a picture of the cute skirt I got at Ross’s afterwards. But do you know how hard it is to take a picture of those things? Well, not very labor intensive. But time-consuming. And time somehow gets filled with other things.

Take today, for example. I planned to finish Mary Kate’s baby cross-stitch (since her birthday’s in August, I figured I’d better get it done!) and blog. I cross-stitched for about ten minutes, then for some reason went to the living room. And somehow I became stuck there the next forty-five minutes, organizing my harp and piano music. My usual solution to the over-abundance of sheets of music is to stuff them in whatever notebooks are available. As a result the Dussek sonatinas were crushed in the front of “Jessica’s Music for Weddings” notebook (called that rather than “Jessica’s Wedding Music”–that could be slightly misleading) and “I Wonder as I Wander” behind my weekly assignment sheets.

Because I had dressed into my pink and black exercise outfit that morning, I decided at 11:30 to ride my stationary bike before eating lunch. I went out to the garage and rode vigorously for….well, um…five minutes. I really would have gone longer, but it was eighty degrees out there. Plus, Mom came out to the garage and began a major cleaning project. Naturally, I hopped off the bike and joined in. The next hour was spent organizing the cluttered counter holding tools and bolts and nails and every other imaginable thing. Men’s garages are actually less organized than musicians’ notebooks. At least, the garages are more noticeably disorganized.

After lunch, Mom and I decided to go raspberry picking. The best part was that I got to drive the whole fifteen minutes to the raspberry patch! When we got home midafternoon, I had several options: write a blog post, cross-stitch, or make a raspberry crisp. I decided on the crisp.

Now, after our supper of hamburgers and Asian cauliflower, I am taking the time to tell you the story of my absence before our family finishes watching The Fellowship of the Ring. In addition to all these home tasks that have abducted my time, I have also been gone two consecutive weekends. And yes, I am good at making excuses.

Hopefully next week I’ll tell you about my haircut and mall-shopping experience. But first I have to finish unpacking from my four-day trip to the American Harp Society conference. And I’d better start packing my suitcase for our next trip.

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  1. Gretchen
    Jul 11, 2010 @ 05:50:03

    Okay, I can't wait to see this new haircut!!!! We both chopped off our locks, huh?Can't believe you're getting someone to watch that movie. ;)And you make me laugh. Love you, love your post.And will you please come organize my life and my living room and my garage? 🙂


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