"It’s the bus-ie-st month of the year…"

April’s schedule always seems to fill up quickly, but this year more than usual. I’m looking forward to May, although I don’t know if it will be much slower paced!

The first two weeks of this month I spent doing oodles of school and completing a financial capability course. We printed off over 500 pages of lessons about banking, insurance, budgets, and all that wonderful stuff. After wading through it all, I felt like I’d graduated with a B. A. in business. (Okay, maybe not!)

My harp adjudication was on the 17th at a university. I was so glad to be finished with my songs, even though I love them dearly! Unfortunately we couldn’t record my songs with our camera, but you can hear the American Harp Ensemble play a version of Passacaille by Handel. The other song is the Rondo movement from Dussek’s Sonata (it’s the third part on that video).

Tomorrow my piano duet partner Emily and I have adjudication on our pieces “Brightwood Barn” and “I Love a Piano.” This is our third year playing together, and we always have way too much fun. (Our Chopsticks duet from last year’s adjudication will always remain our favorite, though.) That, however, will not mark the end of my adjudication saga. For on Thursday I perform my piano solos, Scotch Poem by MacDowell and Golliwogg’s Cakewalk by Debussy.

Another important event was the oratorical contest I entered. Sponsored by the Optimist Club, the topic was “Cyber Communication: Progress or Problem?”. I’d only written speeches for the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ competitions, so this was a completely new subject to speak on. But thankfully my family is comprised of competent writers, and I received much advice from my lawyer brother, official-journalist sister-in-law, proficient blogger sister, and a mother who should have been a professional editor. I got second place at regionals, therefore advance to the district competition which is late next month.

Besides all that, there’s not too much going on. Well, besides school. And having grandparents visit. And getting ready for one of Mom’s scrapbooking events. And preparing for TeenPact next week (well, thinking about preparing for it).

Indeed, this entire post was merely for the purpose of showing you why I have not blogged for an entire, ummm… eleven days. But a post would not be a post without a profound quote. I will refer you to Philadelphia Cream Cheese:

“Consumers prefer the Taste of Philadelphia…among those with a preference.”

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