Roman Holiday

When you watch a movie three times in the space of four days, and still cry when it ends, the movie must have a considerably engaging storyline.

Such was the case with Roman Holiday, a comedy romance starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Weary of her royal duties, Princess Ann escapes from her palace-hotel in Rome. Unfortunately the medicine the doctor gave her to sleep came into effect that evening. But then comes a journalist to the rescue (you can always count on them being within call!). Without telling Ann that he knows who she is, Joe Bradley shows her all the sights in Rome. But his friendliness does not stem from kindness, rather the desire to get a fortune-making story.

However, they fall in love, as anyone who’s seen half a dozen movies in their life would have guessed. Princess Ann realizes she must return to her duties, and they say a heart-rending goodbye. Then Joe is left with an agonizing decision: making a name for himself, or protecting the reputation of the girl he loves.

I’ve decided that stories with pensive endings are my favorite. The first time I watched Roman Holiday was with my dear friend Theresa during our traditional movie marathon. My reaction to the ending was “That couldn’t be the end!” followed by “the next time I see it I’m going to cry.” Sure enough, when I watched it with my family that night, the tears literally streamed down my face. When I realized that you could watch the movie in French, I immediately planned another movie night (without my family…for some reason they didn’t think they could fully appreciate the French). More tears came that third time, because movies are always more romantic in French.

Roman Holiday leaves you with much to contemplate. It reinforces the concept that true love does not seek compensation, and sacrifices personal advantage. All in all, this movie is a wonderful classic of the best sort: a comedy with a sad ending.

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