About Embarrassing Moments and Cooking

Last Sunday our whole family ventured out on a bike ride around our usual eight-mile loop. It was a gorgeous afternoon. Earlier I had spent several hours reading Yankee Stranger on our lawn. But back to the bike ride…Caleb and I decided to do the entire loop, while Dad and Mom only rode to the covered bridge. The two of us could not resist stopping at the playground to swing. (That’s my biggest regret about being homeschooled–I didn’t get to play on the swings every day!)

Our next stop was at the creek, where we threw rocks across the creek. Well, Caleb threw the rocks, I attempted to throw them. As I was preparing to launch my rock across the Great Abyss, I slipped in the mud. Like, it was a total slip. I landed on my rear, with my beautiful brown and pink exercise pants a deeper shade of brown. An image from the Anne of Green Gables movie of Anne and Diana’s cow-chasing catastrophe popped in my mind. But thankfully Gilbert didn’t happen to drive by on our walk home (I was not going to get my bike seat all muddy by riding on it). At least it was only my little brother who laughed hysterically at me.

Much of this afternoon was spent in the kitchen making granola and chicken with dumplings. As I was stirring my pot of dumplings, I realized the oven was still set at 300 degrees. Lo and behold, my final pan of granola had been cooking for three entire hours. After my startled exclamation of “ratfinkles” (our family’s patented expression, derived from “rats” in case you were wondering), Dad came to my rescue and dumped the poor burnt granola somewhere outside. Maybe the cats will appreciate it better than some of my other cooking failures.

The chicken and dumplings did turn out, though. Except for the fact that I got a bit carried away grinding pepper into the broth, so tonight we’re suffering from runny noses. I think next time I’ll have someone supervise my pepper-grinding, just to make sure I don’t enjoy myself quite as much as I did tonight!

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