Post-Super Bowl Blues

Yesterday my dearly, dearly-beloved Colts lost the Super Bowl. Just barely, though…the final score was 31-17, but I assure you, the game was much closer than it sounds. If only it hadn’t been for the Saints’ defensive guy who made that interception, my Colts would for sure have won the Super Bowl. I told Dad that if I ever met that guy, it would not be a pretty picture. 😉 (Just kidding, of course!)

When that interception was made, I have never before felt the urge so strongly to burst into a fit of tears. That would have been the natural reaction which would have occurred had I not remembered that there were other people in the room. 🙂 Honestly, that was one of the most disappointing moments of my life. But it wasn’t Peyton Manning’s fault, you can be certain of that.

After the game, I made myself try to feel the Saints’ happiness about their first Super Bowl win. Seeing Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees, tears streaming down his face, hold his baby son, I couldn’t help but feel happy for him. Even though my Colts definitely should have won.

This morning I so wanted to sleep in and pretend that this week didn’t have to start. Because to tell you the truth, if I was a pessimist, this would be a perfect week to display my pessimism. Getting up at 6:15 on a Monday morning, when you’ve not had much sleep the two previous nights, and your favorite team has lost the Super Bowl, is not that fun. Especially when you realize that you only have two days before getting your wisdom teeth out. But…BUT…I’ve decided to be excited about my week, even about Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of the Oral Surgeon.

And I comfort my Colts fanatic self by saying that my team can beat the Saints any day of the week…except Sundays.

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