The difference we can make

Last Awana night we found out that one of our dear Cubbies is moving several states away. It’s so sad to know that we only have two more weeks with Kaleigh. She started coming to Awana a year ago as a headstrong little three-year-old from a messed-up family. It’s amazing the difference in her now. Part of it may just be that she’s older, but I believe those two hours we have had with her each week might have influenced her.

As we leaders sat around rather dejectedly after learning about Kaleigh’s move, we reminded ourselves that the short time we have with “our kids” is such a wonderful gift. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the Bible stories we’re teaching them may be the only things they’ll hear about Jesus. Who knows if Kaleigh will remember the verses she learned at Cubbies. Who knows if she’ll ever go inside a church again. All we can do is pray that she’ll somehow remember the simple A and C verses we reviewed each week: “All have sinned” and “While we were sinners Christ died for us.” And with our remaining seventeen Cubbies, we can redouble our efforts to show them the love of Jesus.

My grandparents have a quote on their wall that reminds me that I need to take advantage of each opportunity God gives me to tell a little one about Him.

A hundred years from now no one will remember
How much money I had in the bank
what kind of car I drove
or what kind of job I had.

But I will be remembered
as someone special
because I made a difference
in the life of a child.

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