You know you’re sick when…

….you put on mismatched socks and have no energy to find the matching ones. So you wear one light blue wool sock and one dark blue wool sock the entire day.

…you’ve used up a pot’s worth of honey, and the 32 ounce bottle of lemon juice is considerably lighter. A combination of honey and lemon juice is the best for sore throats. (Yesterday Caleb discovered a new concoction consisting of baking soda and vinegar; his theory was that if those two elements erupt like a volcano outside your body, they must do something good for you on the inside!) 🙂

…you read two Janette Oke books in a period of seven hours. It’s quite hard to concentrate on a biography of John Adams when you’re feeling crummy. So I always get my Romantic Novel Fix when I’m sick. Now I’m feeling better, but not quite to the John Adam’s stage. I decided to start George MacDonald’s The Fisherman’s Lady–and I’m loving it so far.

…you write a blog post that has absolutely no point. But that’s besides the point.

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  1. Natalie
    Nov 16, 2009 @ 19:00:23

    Ah, Jess, I'm so sorry you're sick! I so enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thanks for sharing. I can hardly wait to see you in about a month! It will be so much fun. And I'm especially excited that you pierced your ears because . . . well, ever mind. 😉


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