The books I read over the summer

When I looked back over the summer, I thought I didn’t get much reading done. But since June, seven more books have been put down in my book log. Not many were read sitting on the couch, rather during car trips and toiling away at my exercise bike. (There’s nothing that endears a book to you so much as reading it when you’re utterly exhausted!) So I decided to share my reading list with you.

Bridge Called Hope– This book is the sequel to Hope Rising, by Kim Meeder. It is a collection of touching stories from a ranch in Oregon called Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. They have saved many abused horses’s lives, and taught them to trust again. Also, children who have been abused or have some disability come to the ranch and ride the horses. In her book Mrs. Meeder shares dozens of stories about the healing that takes place between the children and horses. I highly recommend this book.

Ester Reid– A Christian book by Isabelle Alden, this is the story of an eldest sister in a large family. Ester is caught up in all the busy duties of life, and consequently becomes a sharp, bossy sister that no one wants to be around. But a trip to a rich cousin’s changes her life forever. I was a bit surprised by the ending, but it does help illustrate the point. This book is quite convicting, especially to us older sisters!

Emma– This is the second Jane Austen novel I have read, and I loved it! I’ve always enjoyed the movie, but the book is so much better. Jane Austen has such a witty way of describing Emma’s scrapes and follies. And you can’t find a much better knight in shining armor than Mr. Knightley!

Ever After and The Light Heart– These books are by Elswyth Thane, set around the time of the Spanish-American War. There are so many characters, and the plots are so involved, that I can hardly summarize them. Probably of the two Ever After is my favorite. The heros are honorable young men, and they meet virtuous young ladies–just a good classic novel. The Light Heart is full of people who fall in love with the wrong people…and the problem is, they end up marrying them. So this book was full of examples of what marriage should not be. Everything would have turned out right if they had remembered three simple rules in finding a spouse:
1- Have things in common with the person you marry. 2- Actually
like the person. 3- Be able to get along!

Because He Loves Me– One of my best friends, Theresa, gave me this book by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Basically the book reminds believers that the gospel should be a part of our daily lives, not just something we put on a shelf after we’re saved. Everything in our life will come into perspective if we just remember “We love Him because He first loved us.” I believe this book’s message is relevant to every Christian’s life.

David Copperfield– I just love Charles Dickens. Reading him makes me feel so…intelligent. đŸ™‚ This book follows a boy’s life as he faces many obstacles before reaching manhood. That’s all I’ll say about dear David for now, because I still have another 200 pages to finish, and a whole bunch of problems that he needs to solve before that! But I shall write a full-length report on him, seeing as I’ve devoted the last 600 pages of my reading life to him.

John Adams– Oh, I love books where the title is so self-explanatory. This one is about…drum roll…John Adams! David McCullough is such a gifted historian. I almost forget that I’m reading a biography instead of a novel. I’ve read about the first sixty pages out of 600, but after I finish Dickens, President Adams will receive my full attention.

After that comes Ben Hur, some Harold Bell Wright, and George MacDonald books…then I think it’ll be about time for another Dickens.

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