Our weeks with Will

This summer Will got to be with us for just three weeks in late May and June. We packed a lot of fun into those weeks, though! He is now working for a lawyer back East. Thankfully we get to see him again in August for another few weeks. Here are some pictures from his visit, including a hike to Pamelia Lake.

William the Law School Student comes home and…well, he’s the same old Willy, that’s for sure!

Will and Caleb decided to make a musical instrument out of our rootbeer bottles. By putting different amounts of water in each bottle, they were able to make an octave and play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” They were so talented at it, I think they should become the Glaser Duo. Can’t you just see it? They’d be world-famous!

Just look at these strapping young men!

Dad and Mom in front of one of the huge trees (fir, maybe?) on our hike

The three Indians…with rhododendron leaves for feathers!

Where’s my brave? 🙂

The intrepid hikers

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  1. Rebekah
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 18:53:25

    How is William doing, Jessica??:-) I hope that he is having a very good week!


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