Return of the absent blogger

Yes, there is such a thing as a blog, I know. But there also are things called holidays, and especially a time-consuming thing called school. If you were doing two lessons a day of ninth-grade work, you’d understand. Pour example (that’s just French, not a spelling error), try this algebra problem:
2x-7>-21 or 4x+6 is not equal to 22

How do you solve that? Well, it’s called a disjunction, and rather than explain it all, the answer is all real numbers. Aren’t all numbers real? Well, that’s a long story too. Just trust me- it actually isn’t a hard concept, just time consuming. All to illustrate the fact that blogging isn’t the most important thing in life. Disjunctions are. (Oops, I didn’t mean that…)

We had a great Christmas and New Year celebration. Ruth Ann & Co. came as well. She is way too cute. Her new tricks are pointing to her hair, ears, eyes, and nose, and saying “please” with sign language. Indeed, I think she’s inherited her Grandpa’s way of saying, “I said please, so you have to!” She’s so precious.

So here are some pictures from the holidays. The snow was beautiful, and we got a white Christmas! (And here’s a New Year’s resolution to blog a couple times a week…hmmm, we’re already halfway through January…yikes!)

Me, Myself, and I

Awww…our family

Four Generations~
Jessica Ryan, Sara Louise, Gretchen Louise, and Ruth Ann

“Daddy, I want a harp,” says the future harpist!

Helping Grandma read her birthday cards

Where’s your suitcase, Will?
Uncle Will saying goodbye to his little bunny

The pig Caleb shot!

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  1. Sara Glaser
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 06:57:00

    Welcome back, Jessica! As your teacher, I think your experience blogging is equally valuable as regular schoolwork–and in fact can count as language arts!Love, Mom


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