What girls do when they get together

This last month I was able to get together twice with my best friends, Rebekah and Theresa. We sometimes go for months without seeing Theresa, even though she lives just 45 minutes away. So when we do have a slumber party, it is extra special.

For our first time in June, I wasn’t able to join them until late in the evening. But still we started National Treasure around 9:00. Of course, I gave them a running commentary throughout the whole movie, as I had seen many of the sites in Washington D.C. We laughed hysterically at Riley’s comicalness (is that a word?) while we devoured a huge bowl of homemade popcorn. After we finished it, we decided to watch Pamela’s Prayer. Theresa had never seen it, and it is a must see for every teenage girl. When we had crawled into our sleeping bags at the movie’s end, we talked for at least an hour about courtship, waiting to kiss until our wedding day, and all the usual things girls talk about.

In the morning we went for a lovely walk in the woods. We picked daisies and other wildflowers while strolling by the river. On our return to the house, the conversation turned to boyfriends. Now, Theresa, at age seventeen, has a boyfriend. His name is Henry. And oh, he is SO cute! Theresa and Henry are close to the same age. Henry is…drum roll… a car. Isn’t that romantic?

Then there’s Rebekah’s boyfriend. Rebekah won’t be fourteen till October, but already she has one. Fred… well, I’ve never met him, and even Rebekah hasn’t seen him for quite a while. But I’m sure he’s a nice boy. Snakes usually are very amiable, right?

So, as we were walking up from the woods, I decided that I needed a boyfriend, too (not any peer pressure at all, of course). There’s an old Ford truck from the 50’s or 60’s, so covered with moss and rust that you can hardly tell it was originally green, sitting under a big old oak tree. But even though he isn’t good looking, I liked him for his name: George. That’s just the most handsome name you’ve ever heard!!!

Now we girls are all happy, for we each have a boyfriend. Henry, Fred, and George really are great guys. Kind of quiet, but they have a good heart. You just have to get to know them. 🙂

One of our last projects was painting our toenails. Someone (I won’t mention your name, Theresa Kathryn) spilled the bright red toenail polish on the shop floor. But one of us then had the great idea of using toenail polish remover for removing the stain. Amazing!

Towards the end of last month, Theresa and I were able to get together again at my house. She was coming for our Bible School program, and it worked out well for her to spend the night. (You should have heard Will: “Why on earth are you girls getting together again? You just saw each other last week!” Boys just don’t understand.)

The two of us watched Horatio Hornblower until midnight, then talked till about two o’ clock. And for your information, we didn’t even talk about Henry and George, or mention anything about boys. In the morning we went for a walk down to the creek, then on to the playground. The swings were the main attraction, for the breeze when one swings is so refreshing in ninety degree weather.

Henry then took us on a trip to town. We browsed through the new “antique” store, which was more of a second hand shop. Somehow movies like the latest Pride and Prejudice just don’t seem too old to me. Theresa had to go to the feed store, and see the infamous town rooster (stuffed), who is now in the happy hunting grounds.

We were pleasantly surprised to see our town’s museum reopened. They have the neatest old things, making up for what the antique store lacked. A marriage license from the late 1800’s especially interested us, as well as looking at the old dresses, admiring how thin the ladies were back then. Then Henry took us home, and after eating an ice cream bar, Theresa took her leave.

Now perhaps you have a vague (haha!) idea of what “the Three Stooges” do when they get together. We have fun, and in between our giggling, we do talk about serious things, believe it or not. I am truly thankful to have such great friends as Rebekah and Therese.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebekah
    Jul 04, 2008 @ 04:00:00

    Oh boy Jess, now they know all of our secrets!!;-) I really got a good look at us…Rebekah


  2. Theresa Wright
    Jul 07, 2008 @ 16:05:00

    Awww, that was so sweet! We love you, too! I am so thankful for all the fun times we've had together, Jess. I just about had a heart attack when you said I had a boyfriend! I was wondering what you were going to say… ;)I love your blog!


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