A Case of I-Miss-My-Niece-A-Whole-Lot

April was a sad month. The reason: I did not see my niece the whole thirty days. Actually, I haven’t seen her in 41 days . As a result I have a bad case of I-Miss-My-Niece-A-Whole-Lot. Unless you are an auntie you can’t imagine how awful this is. The only thing like it is I-Miss-My-Nephew-A-Whole-Lot. But since I don’t have a nephew yet, I haven’t suffered from this. There is but one cure, and that is to go and see your niece. But I must go through almost another month before seeing her; oh, dear, I’m not sure if I shall survive.

Almost all aunts who live a great distance away from their nieces suffer from this disease. When they walk into a room, they immediately are drawn like a magnet to a baby. They brag about how cute their niece is, and show how talented they have become at changing diapers. Other girls who aren’t aunts yet say they ought to hold the baby more, because aunts have nieces. But that’s the whole reason we should have the privilege to hold babies the most, since we miss our nieces so much.

At least we have pictures and a wonderful thing called e-mail so we can sort of see them. You should see how long I just sit here, staring into the bright eyes of my little niece on the computer screen. Isn’t she just the cutest baby ever? Okay, aunts, I won’t argue with you, because I know exactly what you’ll say. But she is so precious, and I love her so much…

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