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Yesterday I performed on piano and harp with several other girls at a nursing home. It was so sweet to see all the older people’s smiling faces. They love talking to young people.

But how often do we take the time, in this busy world, to talk to the elderly? They are so full of wisdom that they have received over years of experience. Too often we just brush them by. I have enjoyed immensely talking with both sets of grandparents about “the good old days.” Things were so much simpler back then, but they usually had to work very hard. It’s so interesting to hear how Grandma remembers the day when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and her many adventures in Illinois. On my other side of the family, I remember visiting my great-grandma when I was very little; she lived at the same nursing home at which we just performed. I wish I could have met all my great-grandparents, and heard them talk about the very old days during World War I.

No matter if they are related to us or if we don’t even know them, we should take the time to talk with the older people, and appreciate their knowledge.

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